“WE have an EYE for DETAIL”

Serving Texas and beyond since 1995


“If we don’t look after our customers, someone else will.”

The guiding philosophy of Cas Werner’s printing business in Katy may not be totally original. However, it is steeped in family tradition that her Dad brought from their native roots in the United Kingdom to their new business home in Katy many years ago.


It’s a particularly poignant time for Cas who lost her father in 2006 and her mother in 2013.

“It is at times like this that one really focuses on values. In terms of running a business, he

 defined for us a simple-sounding goal that takes an incredible amount of dedication to

actually achieve,” she said.


Her mum and dad founded Kenrise Printers in Katy in 1985. For those of you that have

been around Katy long enough you will remember Charlie & Mary. The name was changed

to CAS Graphics in 1995 when Cas took over the business. The address has moved

“around the corner” to a more spacious setting; and the sophistication of the equipment

has progressed dramatically from the time that his health prompted her Dad to retire and

Cas to take over the business.


CAS Graphics’ customer base covers the gamut of printing demands ranging from simple leaflets and business cards to complex, intricate and demanding full-color products.


CAS Graphics over the years has expanded its business services by introducing direct mail services, wide format and full color on-demand printing as well as a full range of marketing products.


“Through modernization of equipment, CAS Graphics can help a business or individual target direct mail anywhere in the United States. We can organize your mail to reach a neighborhood or an entire community,” she said.


What are the keys to “taking care of our customers”? “It’s taking the time to produce a quality project in a fully professional way on the timeline that you promise the customer,” Cas says. “And it is charging a fair and competitive price for that service.”


Charlie & Mary Erskine